Exciting news today from Microsoft: on the Windows Server blog, Microsoft announced the venue of their highly-scalable Nano Server architecture!

Why are we so excited about this?  Well, for starters,as they put it: “(Nano Server is) a purpose-built operating system designed to run born-in-the-cloud applications and containers. As customers adopt modern applications and next-generation cloud technologies, they need an OS that delivers speed, agility and lower resource consumption.”

Especially the last three words should bring a smile upon your face.  Yes, Windows Server tailor-made, with just those components you require.  Not frills.  No ballast.

And what makes us smile is the word “containers”.  This is the eagerly-awaited implentation by Microsoft of .  We believe Docker will revolutionize the way applications are deployed to servers in years to come.


Read more about this new technology .

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