If you need to roll out software for various users or various devices, update programs at all your workplaces or install older applications in a sandbox, these processes can be automated using application provisioning: an efficient, streamlined and secure approach. CorporateApps brings both your application packaging and software distribution to a happy conclusion.

CorporateApps’ approach to application provisioning

The difference between good application provisioning and excellent application provisioning is in the preparation; with thorough compatibility checks and the right strategic choices for your release process. CorporateApps has many years of experience in application packaging and software distribution. And you can benefit from that today..

Please feel free to contact us. We will help your project make a dynamic start.

What is application provisioning?

Application provisioning is the development of silent installers that install or update applications onto a collection of desktops, laptops and tablets. Examples include office software, zip programs or internal applications.

You may decide to install software centrally on various devices (push), or to let your users decide for themselves which software they need (pull). The installation always takes place automatically – according to a predetermined configuration. This way you retain uniformity and avoid human error.

The next steps:

  1. Intake – You describe your current IT infrastructure and the objectives of your project.

  2. Determining the working method – Push or pull? Physical or virtual packages? On-premises or remote implementation? We will give advice on the most cost-effective release process flow, including the testing phase. In this way, after the rollout you will lose no time in reporting errors or the necessary recovery from them.

  3. Offer – If we agree upon the working method, you will receive a non-binding offer. You may want to assess a number of profiles that match your staffing request.

  4. Implementation and testing – We implement your application packaging and carry out the software distribution. If desired, we can support your staff with consultancy and training.

  5. Follow-up – If you have any questions after the software deployment, you can always ring for further explanation or support.

Why choose CorporateApps?

CorporateApps provides you with certainty before, during and after your project. We know the right profiles, swear by tight project management and guarantee a successful completion.

  • Network – You open the door to a network of national and international IT consultants.
  • Flexibility – You determine the form of collaboration. You can opt for a service model or for staffing, with additional consultancy and/or training if so desired.
  • Expertise – Your company benefits from the knowledge of not one expert but of an entire team. Because together our specialists discuss the challenges of your project.

Time to get to know one another

If you have any questions regarding application provisioning, or are curious as to how CorporateApps would approach your project, then please feel free to contact us to find out more or for a non-binding offer. Phone +32 (0)478 658 806 or mail ue.sppaetaroprocnull@tcatnoc.