If your staff do not share a physical office, or not all of the time, then you can build a virtual office. An environment in which team members can exchange data, meet and work on shared files. CorporateApps designs and secures your virtual office with all sorts of collaboration services.

What are collaboration services?

Collaboration services are tools that allow you to, well, collaborate. You can work together anywhere, on any device and on any project. The extent to which you do this depends on various factors: your team, your project, the sector, your objectives, to name but a few.

CorporateApps determines together with you which collaboration services will make significant improvements to your collaboration. This varies from simple file management to a complete virtual work environment:

  • Shared data – Do you need to share, secure and edit files? With the right cloud application and a suitable Versioning Control System (VCS) this is child’s play. And it shows you straightaway who made what change.

  • Shared communication channels – Presentations, conference calls or videoconferences? Thanks to applications such as VoIP and chat we can bring all your communication together on a single collaboration platform.

  • Shared work environment – A single uniform environment for all users, on all their devices? This can be arranged with software such as Office 365 and Box.

Working together on collaboration

If you would like to know more about the possibilities offered by collaboration services, or if you are curious as to how secure your current tools are, then please contact us on phone +32 (0)478 658 806 or mail ue.sppaetaroprocnull@tcatnoc.

How does CorporateApps approach collaboration services?

No two companies work in exactly the same way. CorporateApps therefore never offers identical collaboration services. Everything is based on your unique situation. And concludes with a ‘best of breed’ solution. This is the reason we invest in strong partnerships, but without compromising on independence. From cloud storage to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), we always look for the supplier that best meets your demands.

In summary: how do we put together your collaboration services? We only know once we have got to know you and your company well. So why not contact us now.

Why choose CorporateApps?

Your collaboration services have to find the right balance between flexibility and security. And it is precisely in this balance that CorporateApps has been specialised for many years now:

  • Unique composition Your collaboration services will fit your business situation perfectly, as CorporateApps always puts together a personalised solution.
  • Proven expertise – Your CorporateApps specialists are experienced in the most diverse of projects and (high-security) sectors. Take for example a pharmaceutical start-up that has developed a new medicine with international freelancers.
  • Strong partnerships – You will get access to a broad network of suppliers who are at the very top of their market.